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Air Handling Radial Blade Centrifugal Fan - 9000XB

Canada Fans Industrial Blowers and Fans has a long and well established record of producing a full range of Air Handling Radial Blade Centrifugal Fans for commercial and industrial applications. Our Engineering and Product Design Departments have expert professionals who can assist customers develop custom air handling fans and conveying pressure blowers that meet and exceed their critical industrial fan and blower applications. Regardless of your ventilation requirements, rely on Canada Fans Air Handling Radial Blade Centrifugal Fans & Blowers to deliver the best and most effective air movement systems and solutions possible.

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The centrifugal fan shall be designed and manufactured by Canada Fans to ensure smooth operation. Canada Blower fan wheel shall be heavy gauge construction with a full back plate and inlet shroud model “XB” as shown in plans with all steel heavy-duty industrial construction. Unless otherwise directed, fan arrangement, motor location, support base, rotation and discharge are as shown on the layout drawings. Fan and blower size is defined as the OD in inches of the fan inlet.


Canada Blower fan ratings shall be based on tests made in accordance with AMCA Standard 210. Flow shall be actual volumetric flow at the fan inlet. Fan static pressure is defined as static pressure at fan outlet less total pressure at fan inlet. Standard inlet density is to be taken as 0.75 lb/ft3 with corrections for temperature, elevation, inlet static pressure, gas composition and humidity as defined in the schedule. Fans shall be selected to operate to the right of the peak static pressure at the given speed to ensure stable performance. Fan brake horsepower shall rise continuously over the entire range of flows for a given speed and shall be equal to or less than specified at the given flow and fan static pressure.


Fan manufacturers shall provide sound power level ratings for fans tested and rated in accordance with AMCA Standards 300 and 301. Sound power ratings shall be in decibels (reference 10-12 watts) in eight octave bands. Sound power levels will be corrected for installation by the specifying engineer...dBA or sound pressure levels only are not acceptable.


Canada Blower fan housings are to be heavy -- min. gauge per chart below, continuously welded construction with flanged and punched outlet. Blower housings with lock seams or spot welded construction are not acceptable.

Fan Size Class I (12 M) Class II & III (15 &19M) Class IV (22M)
7-11 14 gauge (0.0747” or 1.89 mm) 12 gauge 10 gauge
13-26 12 gauge (0.1046” or 2.66 mm) 10 gauge 7 gauge
29-37 10 gauge (0.1345” or 3.43 mm) 7 gauge ¼”
41-49 7 gauge (0.1875” or 4.76 mm) ¼” ¼”
54-60 -- 3/8” 3/8”

BEARINGS (belt driven fans)

Bearings are to be heavy duty, grease lubricated, precision anti-friction, self-aligning pillow block design. Bearings shall be designed for a minimum L10 life per the chart below when rated at the fan's maximum cataloged operating speed.

MIN. L10 Life 30,000 40,000 100,000 400,000

Canada Fans Inc.

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SHAFT (belt driven fans)

Fan shafts are to be ASTM A-108 steel, grade 1040/1045, precision turned, ground and polished. Grade 1018 steel is not acceptable. The fan shaft's first critical speed shall be at least 143% of the fan's maximum operating speed.


All fan & blower surfaces are to be thoroughly prepared prior to painting using a combination of washing and hand and power tool cleaning as required in SSPC-SP-3. After cleaning, all surfaces are to be coated with a zinc rich oxide primer. Surfaces of bolted components not accessible after assembly shall be coated and allowed to dry prior to final blower assembly.


All fans shall be precision balanced to ISO quality grade 2.5, report to be submitted with the maintenance manual. A final inspection by a qualified inspector prior to shipment is required to include: scope of supply confirmation, balance, welding, dimensions, bearings, duct and base connection points, paint finish and overall workmanship.


Fan / blower accessories shall be provided as called for in the plans and specifications. Standard accessories include:

Motor to be NEMA Design B 3/60/460-575V-1800 rpm, high efficiency TEFC 1.15 SF V-Belt Drives - Variable Speed/Constant Speed with min 1.5 SF Belt Guard or weather cover required Extended lubrication lines (nylon, copper or stainless steel) with fittings terminating in an accessible area.

Additional Features that may be required:

XHD extra heavy duty wheel construction for severe applications Access Door – bolted/quick opening or plug type with raised door Housing Drain – pipe ½ coupling or flanged connection Shaft Seal – non-asbestos fibre or spring loaded carbon ring style Bolt-on variable inlet vanes Spark Resistant Construction

AMCA “A” All fan parts in contact with the air stream of Aluminum construction AMCA “B” Aluminum wheel with Aluminum rubbing ring around shaft entry point AMCA “C” Aluminum inlet cone and Aluminum rubbing ring

Horizontally Split Fan Housing

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